Cadaver Dogs Descend On Don Lewis’ Lake House—Should Carole Baskin’s Be Worried?

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Cadaver Dogs Descend On Don Lewis’ Lake House—Should Carole Baskin’s Be Worried?

Joe Exotic, star of the Netflix series “Tiger King,” had often expressed his strong hunch that Carole Baskin was involved in some manner in the disappearance and presumed death of her husband, Don Lewis.

Investigation Discovery took this hunch up a notch on Sunday night when it aired a special centered around what may have happened to Don Lewis, tiger breeder, and amateur pilot.

A retired homicide investigator, Jim Rathmann, spoke with Fox News confirming that cadaver dogs were brought in to help in the search being conducted near and around one of Lewis’ lake houses. Rathmann offered that he could even fathom what Lewis’ family might be going through now, 25 years after he went missing.

It seems investigators have decided that the lake house may need exploring further. Many suspect that a lot of information that we have not heard until now will be revealed and surprise quite a few people.

Rathmann is heading up a new investigation and is determined to uncover the truth behind Lewis’ disappearance. Through the revealing of new thought out theories discovered by private investigators, taking a look at reliving Lewis last days and his interactions with those that were closest and dearest to him. Evidence will be shown that has been gathered by both criminal and legal experts.

The special, titled “Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies, and Cover-Up,” is a three-part series that aired its first two episodes this past Sunday. Rathmann, an ex-homicide investigator, stated the special will give viewers the ability to become the jury, so as to speak, on whether or not Carole Baskin has any involvement in Lewis’ disappearance or not.

Rathmann commented that it is incredible that for over 23 years, this case was all but unheard of, other than the early initial stages. Then, along came the Joe Exotic series on Netflix several months ago, taking the story to a worldwide stage. Everyone and anyone is focusing on the news.

Baskin, archnemesis of Exotic and big cat enthusiast, has maintained that she is innocent of any wrongdoing towards Lewis since he went missing in 1997 and subsequently officially declared dead.

Since her notoriety began, Baskin has since become a contestant on the long-running reality series “Dancing With the Stars.”

Do you think the cadaver dogs will provide evidence as to the whereabouts of Lewis?