Blizzard Seems To Be Teasing A Return Of World Of Warcraft’s Destroyed Night Elf Home, Teldrassil


Blizzard Seems To Be Teasing A Return Of World Of Warcraft’s Destroyed Night Elf Home, Teldrassil

One of the most defining moments in the recent history of World of Warcraft has been the destruction of Teldrassil at the hands of Sylvanas Windrunner and the Horde. Being the moment that kicked the conflict of Battle for Azeroth into motion, the destruction of Teldrassil had ramifications across the title.

Teldrassil wasn’t the only city to be lost, of course. The events soon after led to the destruction of the Undercity, capital of the Forsaken and seat of power for tyrant-in-the-making Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner.

There was a great amount of debate over these events, and many were sad to have canonically lost a city they had a sentimental connection to, since both Darnassus/Teldrassil and the Undercity were original cities since the release of the game in 2004.

They were still reachable, of course, especially for lower-level characters who still used them as starting zones. Players could speak to a bronze dragon nearby to have time reverted to as it was, and do so again to return to the present.

However, it seems that these destroyed capitals may be returning. Some hints from Blizzard on Twitter seem to push towards that idea, with direct reference to Teldrassil possibly coming back for content.

Blizzard posted two tweets referring to the four primary capitals of each faction, stating that “Home is where your heart is.” In the embedded tweet above, Stormwind, the Exodar, Ironforge, and Darnassus are mentioned.

They posted the same for the Horde, showing the respective capitals of the core races within. Blizzard included pictures of Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon, and the Undercity. Given that Darnassus and the Undercity are both destroyed, however, it was a strange choice.

The internet, being the internet, was quick to point out this supposed mistake, stating that it should’ve been posted sooner. This led to a cryptic response from the official Blizzard account that seemed to hint to a return of Darnassus.

With one Twitter user mentioning that they used to have a “beautiful tree” as their home before Blizzard burned it down, Blizzard was quick to respond somewhat sassily. In response, Blizzard simply said that “trees can regrow.”

Teldrassil was, of course, an enormous tree that sheltered and provided for the Night Elves that lived in it. Referring to a regrowing tree seems to hint that Blizzard has intentions of Teldrassil returning somehow, perhaps quite literally regrowing as hinted.

Of course, it could just be good old fashioned sass to a Twitter user that seemed to be incensed by the arson of their favorite city. Either way, it’s got plenty of people talking for the possibility!