Blizzard Announces Hearthstone’s Scholomance Inn-vitational Tournament, Features Popular Streamers and Pros


Blizzard Announces Hearthstone’s Scholomance Inn-vitational Tournament, Features Popular Streamers and Pros

The seasonal Inn-vitational showmatch series has been announced for Hearthstone to happen by the end of this month. The tournament will feature the CCG’s latest expansion, Scholomance Academy, and some of the most popular content creators and pro gamers. Not only do spectators discover new decks and synergies, but the stream also provides Twitch Drops for in-game rewards.

The tournament will take place on August 25, participated by 20 players separated into ten teams of pairs. A whopping $100,000 shared prize pool is on the line for each team that will bout in four rounds of best-of-three games. The format circles around this expansion’s dual-class cards for each duo.

The structure of the competition states:

    Each team should have four decks ready from their given dual-class with at least new 10 Scholomance Academy cards overall.Each victory from four rounds of best-of-three rewards the team a point. Players will play their classes independently, as well.If the couple wins both their matches in a 2-0 fashion, the specific team will garner two additional points.The team rankings and prize rewards will be ruled by the pair’s total points after the four rounds have been played.

As stated earlier, the stream will provide fans real in-game rewards via Twitch Drops. After watching two hours of the Inn-vitational tournament, viewers will earn a Scholomance Academy pack. Watching another two hours and players will find Hearthstone rewarding them with another pack. As always, with the Twitch Drops system, the rewards only work if the viewer’s account is connected.

The tournament is scheduled to broadcast on August 25 from 12 P.M. to 5 P.M. Central Standard Time. The matches can be viewed on both Twitch and YouTube Hearthstone channels. The casters will be brought to the community by Frodan and Sottle. Aside from this, the streamers and pro players participating are expected to air their perspective. So, if you are anticipating a specific player or even a predetermined class, make sure to tune in and support them.

The 20 players, divided with their specific class, are as follows:

School of Tricks:

    Avelline – RogueThijs – Mage

School of Bones

    Dog – Warlocktylerootd – Priest

School of Light

    Trump – PaladinBrian Kibler – Priest

School of Beasts

    RegisKillbin – HunterBoarControl – Druid

School of the Hunt

    BasarCos – HunterNuj – Demon Hunter

School of Nature

    Alliestrasza – DruidFirebat – Shaman

School of Elements

    FenoHS – MageSolary – Shaman

School of Honor

    Kripp – WarriorDDaHyoNi – Paladin

School of Blades

    Flurry – RoguePlag1at – Warrior

School of Fel

    RDU – Demon HunterTom60229 – Warlock