Black Friday Flash Deal: Persona 4 Golden (Steam) For Its Best Price Yet


Black Friday Flash Deal: Persona 4 Golden (Steam) For Its Best Price Yet

Persona 4 Golden is one of the most beloved RPGs of its era, but many fans of the series didn’t get to play it back when it was a PlayStation Vita-exclusive. Today, the Steam version of Persona 4 Golden is only $12.79 at Fanatical. However, this is a one-day-only flash deal, and less than 24 hours remain to claim it.

For comparison, Persona 4 Golden is usually priced at $20 on Steam, but it’s currently discounted to $16 in Steam’s Black Friday sale. Purchasing the game at Fanatical will get you a Steam key delivered via email, similar to other key sellers like Humble and Green Man Gaming, so it’s worth saving yourself a few extra bucks and snagging Persona 4 Golden there today.

Persona 4 Golden

$12.79 (was $20) | Steam

See at Fanatical

The game earned a 9/10 in GameSpot’s Persona 4 Golden review in 2012 for its memorable characters, fantastic dialogue, and engaging mystery story. To celebrate Persona 4 Golden’s release on Steam, editor Michael Higham revisited the game this year–check out his thoughts on how Persona 4 holds up 10 years since its initial release. “It may not have been known at the time, but Japan (in July 2008) and North America (in December 2008) received what would be remembered as one of the greatest role-playing games ever made,” he wrote.

“Over the course of a decade, Persona 4 has become more than just an incredibly fun RPG with a refined battle system and quirky characters, though. A story about Japanese high school students confronting their worst fears, fighting for what’s right, and becoming the best of friends spawned a lasting legacy that has empowered the people who played it and continually inspired new games. Our love for Persona 4 has kept it alive for so long with several fighting games, two anime adaptations, an adorable (and difficult) spin-off RPG, and even a rhythm game. And after 10 years, we’re still seeing our good friends from Inaba in a new light.”

Fanatical has a ton of other great gaming deals for Black Friday, including more than 4,700 PC games on sale. Highlights include Control Ultimate Edition for $17.59 and Death Stranding for $26.39. Check out more highlights from Fanatical’s Black Friday sale below.

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