Blac Chyna Walks Out Of Interview With Adam22 After He Asks About Soulja Boy

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Blac Chyna Walks Out Of Interview With Adam22 After He Asks About Soulja Boy

Even though Adam22 has a fantastic reputation for delivering some of the best interviews in the hip-hop world, he has still managed to rub some people the wrong way. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Adam 22- who hosts his show out of his BMX shop – recently interviewed Blac Chyna but it didn’t go down as expected.

Blac Chyna is also a big figure in the entertainment world, including for her relationship with Rob Kardashian and Tyga, who formerly dated Kylie Jenner. These days, Chyna is trying her hand at music, which is partially why she stopped by Adam22’s show.

During one part of the interview, Adam22 asked Chyna if she would ever consider working with her ex-boyfriend, Soulja Boy, now that she fancies herself as a musical artist. Hot New Hip Hop says Chyna became visibly bothered by the question and Adam responded with a sarcastic remark.

According to the outlet, the 18-minute interview has since been uploaded to YouTube, and commentators noted how Chyna didn’t seem overly enthusiastic to be there, to begin with. Fans believe Adam22 may have asked her that question as a way of bringing more energy into the conversation.

As it was noted above, Chyna has also been in a relationship with Rob Kardashian but their romance ended in flames. In fact, Chyna and Rob’s romance ended so terribly that Chyna and the Kardashians are still fighting in the courts.

For instance, earlier in the year, amid the Black Lives Matter protests, Chyna took to her account to suggest that NBC and the Kardashians were racist and that was the reason why her show, Rob and Chyna, was taken off the air.

Chyna reportedly believed the show should’ve continued even though the couple had already broken up by that point. Moreover, Kylie and Rob have filed a suit against Chyna for assault and battery after she supposedly tried to strangle Rob with an iPhone cord.

Amid Kanye’s Twitter spree this year when he put his own wife and mother-in-law on blast, Chyna urged people to take Kanye’s claim that Kris Jenner was a white supremacist, more seriously.