BioShock: The Collection Short Nintendo Switch Review – Launches On Switch Fully Remastered With A Comprehensive DLC


BioShock: The Collection Short Nintendo Switch Review – Launches On Switch Fully Remastered With A Comprehensive DLC

BioShock: The Collection features all the boisterous and vibrant worlds of the BioShock series to the Nintendo Switch for the first time – remixed and complete with DLC.

The truth is that old-school BioShock fans have been waiting for BioShock: The Collection to launch on Nintendo Switch just as players rushed into the depth of Rapture back in 2007 with intense enthusiasm, as they encountered the Big Daddies, Andrew Ryan and had the first contact to plasmids.

Then, fans were utterly beguiled by how well designed and manufactured these utopian cities were shown. People were more excited when BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite dropped on consoles a few years later.

Meanwhile, If you haven’t watched the release trailer yet, here’s it below:

Having said that, BioShock 2 launches a twist to take players into the dreadful land of Rapture, but this time as a new character. Rather than taking the mantle of Jack, players would take the role of Delta, a previous Big Daddy—one of the town’s sophisticated responsive protectors – who watches after his little sister.

Most of what made BioShock fantastic is present in BioShock 2, but without the immaculate design that made it whole. Also, BioShock Infinite was the remake players hoped to see.

In a new world of Columbia, players assumed the role of Booker DeWitt, who tried to protect a new character named Elizabeth from the domineering villain Zachary Comstock.

While there are a few controller issues here and there, the gameplay in each of the three games is still top-notch. Moreover, it’s less daunting when transitioning from a PlayStation or Xbox controller to a set of Nintendo Switch (Joy-Cons) than most players might think.

Besides, it’s quite a pleasant playing when the Joy-Cons are either attached to a controller or Pro Controller, and it works excellently well in undocked mode.

If you want to enjoy these games, I suggest you play it on a big TV with a Pro Controller. Asides from a few aiming bottlenecks, the Joy-Cons still performs pretty well with Pro Controllers. Elsewhere, the visuals had a boost in quality, giving the murky and desolate world of Rapture, and the lively and vibrant world of Columbia, a more extraordinary aesthetic.

With several recently released remasters and re-releases on the Nintendo Switch that has been bombarded by technical and performance issues, the BioShock Collection remains relatively problem-free.

This means players returning to Rapture and Columbia will be engaged with smooth frame rates and reasonable loading times.

The ideal remaster on the Nintendo Switch, BioShock: The Collection will leave fans excited for what comes next from the forgotten franchise.