Bill Cosby Reportedly Fired Lisa Bonet After Discovering She Was Pregnant

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Bill Cosby Reportedly Fired Lisa Bonet After Discovering She Was Pregnant

Bill Cosby, who is currently sitting behind bars after his conviction on sexual abuse charges, has been dragged in the media multiple times ever since. Earlier today, Page Six picked up on comments from Lenny Kravitz in which he said Lisa Bonet, his ex-wife, was booted off the Cosby Show spin-off, A Different World after she had become pregnant.

Lenny just dropped a brand new memoir, Let Love Rule, in which he claimed Bonet lost her job on the Cosby Show spin-off back in the late 1980s. According to Kravitz, Lisa told Cosby she was pregnant during the first season of the series and was subsequently fired.

Kravitz says Cosby knew she was pregnant when a meeting was called between the series’ producer and Bill, himself. Cosby asked her if she was pregnant, and after admitting to it, Cosby’s reaction was not one of sympathy, but rather a moment of silence.

The producer, Allen, said she liked the idea of having Bonet’s character being pregnant as she’s being supported by her friends and family without a husband. Cosby didn’t say anything but claimed he would think about it.

Kravitz wrote in his book that after a couple of days of reflection, Cosby said publicly that Lisa was pregnant, but her character, Denise Huxtable, was not. The insinuation, which was obviously tremendously clear, meant that Bonet would lose her job on the series.

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Ironically, Cosby later allowed Bonet to return to The Cosby Show after she gave birth to her daughter, Zoe. Kravitz wrote in his book, however, that their relationship was forever changed after that and it was no longer manageable.

Lisa departed from The Cosby Show in 1991 and claimed creative differences were at the root cause. She wasn’t invited back for the series’ final episode. As it was noted above, Cosby was charged, convicted, and then imprisoned for sexually assaulting and drugging Andrea Constand 16 years ago.

The case first blew up in the media in 2014 after a skit from Hannibal Burress went viral online. The widely-shared clip led to a cascade of women coming forward to say that Bill had sexually assaulted, harassed, and drugged them.