Beyond Skyrim Team Releases Iliac Bay Developer Diary – Showcases Progress On The Highly Anticipated Mod For Skyrim So Far


Beyond Skyrim Team Releases Iliac Bay Developer Diary – Showcases Progress On The Highly Anticipated Mod For Skyrim So Far

If you’re a fan of Skyrim who hasn’t been living under a rock, you’d probably know about the huge modding project (or series of projects rather) that go by Beyond Skyrim. A while back, the Beyond Skyrim Youtube channel finally released another video in their series of Developer Diaries – this time for Iliac Bay.

For those not in the know, the Beyond Skyrim project is a series of mods that aims to bring the wider world of Tamriel to life inside of Skyrim’s game engine.

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The team has all sorts of projects in different regions of the world, from the sandy dunes of Elsweyr to the volcanic region of Morrowind. The team keeps fans updated on their progress so far through these occasional developer diaries, which showcases just what the team has been so hard at work on.

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The last developer diary for the Iliac Bay team was all the way back in March, so it is good to hear that significant progress has been made toward the pre-release of the mod titled Three Kingdoms. One exciting new feature noted is several new armor sets and various in-game assets like statues.

The city of Jehanna is featured in the narrative part of the diary, with a growing conflict between the Breton residents and traveling Nords is introduced.

Many Nords still consider the settlement as part of their country, referring to it as the lost sixth hold. The Bretons of High Rock of course are not keen on letting their city fall to potential invaders, and therein lies the source of ill feelings.

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As for the armor sets from earlier, those are also showcased in more detail later on. The Noble Steel set by Candle_Jack9017 is a striking set of plate armor typically worn by High Rock nobles as the name suggests. Also from the same creator, the Raga Steel set and the Dunedweller set are both fit to weather the harsh climate of Hammerfell.

This developer diary also for the first time on this project showcases some gameplay. This time, the player is exploring a cave dungeon-like area. New weapons, textures, and other assets are showcased as the player fights his way through the goblin-like creatures that inhabit the cave. The cave seems similar in layout and design to a falmer lair in Skyrim.

That about wraps up the news for this developer diary. For more news on Beyond Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls modding community in general, make sure to check back here. To keep up to date immediately with the Beyond Skyrim project, check out their Youtube channel.