Ben Affleck Reportedly In Talks To Appear In George Clooney’s ‘The Tender Bar!’

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Ben Affleck Reportedly In Talks To Appear In George Clooney’s ‘The Tender Bar!’

According to some new insider reports, Ben Affleck and George Clooney might just be working on a new project together! Check out the details!

One source shared via ET not too long ago that Ben Affleck is currently in talks to join George Clooney’s adaptation of ‘The Tender Bar.’

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If this comes to fruition, it wouldn’t be the first time that the famous actors star together since they even won a Best Picture Oscar for Argo!

The Tender Bar is reportedly set to be directed by Clooney himself and is based in J.R. Moehringer’s story with the same title.

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The coming-of-age epic is all about the author looking for a replacement for his dad – a DJ who disappeared before the son could even learn how to speak!

The script for the movie was written by William Monahan and it is highly anticipated already!

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Deadline was the very first to report on the movie details but at this point, it is still not clear whether or not George Clooney will also be acting in it or not!

However, it is known that he both directs and acts in another project titled The Midnight Sky.

This movie is all about a lone, cancer-stricken, apocalypse surviving scientist at the Arctic trying to warn other astronauts about the global destruction that had taken place – more precisely, trying to stop them from returning on the planet after the mysterious catastrophe.

About the plot of the film and its real life parallels, Clooney previously shared via ET that ‘Anybody who wants to talk climate change and deny it, go to places that are at the front lines of this, the places that are melting at an insane rate… Places on the front lines will truly tell you that and you feel that from everybody in Iceland. But, boy, it’s a beautiful place to be.’