Beliebers Are Freaking Out Over Justin Bieber’s Long Curly Hair — Never Cut It!

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Beliebers Are Freaking Out Over Justin Bieber’s Long Curly Hair — Never Cut It!

Justin Bieber’s fans, Beliebers, are freaking out over Justin’s new, long hair and they are going crazy for the look. Justin grew up in front of the public, after being discovered on YouTube when he was only 13-years-old and he has had many looks along the way. For many, the longer, sweeping forward hairstyle that he is currently wearing is “Baby” Justin Bieber only grown up. It’s nearly the same cut he wore when he was younger, only now, Justin’s hair has thickened up and has a lot of wave and even curl to it. Fans can’t stop talking about how good Justin looks with his hair and are begging him to never cut it!

Belieber’s are so obsessed over Justin’s longer locks, that 106.1 Kiss FM’s radio show set up a poll that you may see below.

Justin is certainly giving his fans what they want, as he’s been showing off his hair in more photos. Now, whenever Justin posts a picture of himself wearing one of his Drew hats, fans begin clammoring in the chats begging him to take the hat off and show off his hair!

Here is one of Justin’s latest photos where the “Yummy” singer shows off his toussled, blonde locks for his fans.

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Many people remember young Justin Bieber and how he wore his hair straight and in face framing layers. He brushed the hair forward and its similar to what he is doing now.

Belibers know there isn’t a hairstyle that Justin can’t pull off and this is attributed to his classic, oval shaped face. Justin has worn his hair buzzed on the sides and spiked up on top, long and blonde, asymmetrical, slicked back, and has looked great in all of his hairstyles.

Here is a look at some of Justin’s previous hairstyles.

For his true fans, however, it seems his current look is a graduation from the young 13-year-old who hit the stage with “Baby” and they are going crazy for it!

Hairstylist The Salon Guy has said requests for cutting hair into Justin’s style (he’s calling it the “Popstar” haircut) are off the charts. Here’s a tutorial for anyone daring enough to try it at home.

What do you think about Justin Bieber’s latest hairstyle? Do you like the look?

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