Become A Medieval Royal Craftsman In The Upcoming Simulation Game Castle Flipper


Become A Medieval Royal Craftsman In The Upcoming Simulation Game Castle Flipper

Ultimate Games S.A., Gaming Factory S.A., and Pyramid Games have a new take on the house flipping game series. The team has announced Castle Flipper, where players work to transform medieval homes into royal castles. The exterior and interior designs are up to the players.

Players step into the shoes of a medieval royal craftsman in Castle Flipper. They can rearrange the layout of the castle or make small additions, including changing old rooms. The player is also in charge or preparing a grand feast for the king.

Castles are often quite large, so Castle Flipper makes navigating the building easier. Players can choose which location within the building to explore. Everything around the castle is customizable as well, including the trees in the courtyards. Players will also have to choose shapes and patterns for flags and pennants decorating the castle.

Flipping castles will take some time and careful planning. Players can hire additional workers to repair damaged walls, bridges, or towers. If a wall isn’t in the right place, players can destroy the walls and start all over.

If players want to purchase materials to renovate castles, they have to use the trade market. The market is where players can purchases resources to build furniture and to upgrade buildings. The game starts off with a few essentials like stone and wood. As castles become more complex, they’ll require more types of resources.

Castle renovations are the most important part of the game, but there are some side quests as well. Players will hunt for puzzle pieces to recover blueprints for specific furniture sets. There are also letters and other hidden notes to learn more about the time period.

For those who want to try out the game before purchasing it, a demo version was announced in late-July. More information regarding the demo release will be announced on Steam as soon as its available.

The developers have listed over ten devlogs so far. The devlogs cover various details about the game so far, including tours of some of the castles.

The official launch date for Castle Flipper has not yet been announced. Players can wishlist it on Steam right now and learn more about the game on the store page.

Players who want to follow the development of Castle Flipper more closely can join the developer’s official Discord server or join their Telegram group.

Castle Flipper will launch on PC via Steam sometime within 2020.