Batu Ta Batu Is A New Blocky Puzzle Game Headed To PC And Consoles Later This Year


Batu Ta Batu Is A New Blocky Puzzle Game Headed To PC And Consoles Later This Year

Originating from 2Awesome Studio Batu Ta Batu is proud to be launching on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This game is a party puzzle experience that challenges players to slide and combine colored tiles in randomized positions. Enjoy a cheat party experience on multiple platforms from developer Eric Zubiria, or EZ Software Development.

This project is a one developer project. Erik Zubiria is the developer, artist, and musician filling every role within this title. The work of one developer has all compiled into a single title making for an interesting mix of design and strategy. It is surprising that an indie project like this is releasing on so many platforms.

Enter a colorful tile-based puzzle experience designed for up to four players to enjoy in a casual environment. Slide tiles, combine colors, and try to reach higher levels of complexity through hundreds of different levels. There are tons of options when it comes to challenging difficult and game modes.

Players will get to challenge 10 different game modes allowing players a chance to experience different sets of rules. Thes game modes provide the variety that the game needs moving above a simple color matching challenge.

There are hundreds of levels for players to master. These levels serve as a testing ground of player’s spacial awareness. Take on hours of gameplay for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

This title includes some interesting indie music. This original soundtrack was created by the developer himself making it extra special and sure to match the environment of the game itself.

Enjoy slow or fast game modes. These are designed to allow players a chance to explore the many solutions that each puzzle has. Embrace the easy to play features of this game and master your personal strategy to try and maximize your score.

This game mixes passion through art, history, and nature as the developer has put their heart and soul into the game. Experience their original music, masterful design, and simplistic control scheme.

Play with up to four friends as you travel through the entire game. Play in both coop and competitive puzzle endeavors in this unique title.

Batu Ta Batu will be available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. For more information explore the game’s main website. There is tons of information available on this title and other projects from this unique developer. Enter a new puzzle challenge in this solo dev project.