Barbie Ferreira Fears That Plus-Size Representation In Hollywood Is Just A ‘Trend’ That Won’t Last!

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Barbie Ferreira Fears That Plus-Size Representation In Hollywood Is Just A ‘Trend’ That Won’t Last!

The Euphoria actress opened up about being ‘plus size’ and her fears that Hollywood perceives such actors as just a trend that will soon pass despite the recent progress in representation of bodies on screen. Barbie Ferreira admitted that she is worried about that during a new interview.

Lately, aside from Barbie’s success with Euphoria and Unpregnant, there have been other plus sized actresses getting visibility as well including Danielle Brooks (Orange is the New Black), Aidy Bryant (Shrill), Danielle Macdonald (Dumplin’), and Shannon Purser (Riverdale), just to name a few.

While this might make people think there’s been a real improvement in representation in Hollywood, Ferreira is afraid this might be just a trend that will pass.

While chatting with Cosmopolitan, she dished that she fears ‘it’s not going to be ‘trendy’ anymore. That brands are still going to find people who are the thinnest version possible of something.’

This comes after she also shared how she feels about always being asked about her body during interviews, during a chat with Vogue this summer.

‘Because I’m bigger, I get asked about body positivity in everything I do, which is redundant. It’s not helping to normalize things. Stepping into a career that’s historically had rigid standards of beauty, people projected me as this body-positive activist and I owned it in the beginning,’ she explained.

As often as she gets the opportunity to, the 23 year old actress pushes for different body types to get accepted and for the restrictive standards of beauty to be forgotten.

Aside from body positivity, Barbie also talked about her role in Unpregnant and another thing that needs normalization.

She argued that ‘Normalizing abortion is what we have to do. Society puts this pressure on people who are getting abortions, that they should feel a lot of guilt and shame and really emotional about it. Most people are just relieved.’