B. Simone Tries To Get With Meek Mill Following The Rapper’s Dissolved Romance

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B. Simone Tries To Get With Meek Mill Following The Rapper’s Dissolved Romance

Hot New Hip Hop reported today that B. Simone is done trying to take her chances at DaBaby. The outlet claims B. Simone has probably realized that DaBaby will always go back to his baby momma at the end of the day and while she was initially reluctant to move on, she has appeared to set her sights on someone else.

Reportedly, the comic has moved on to another rapper, Meek Mill. Hot New Hip Hop says B. Simone has been trying her hardest to get into the good graces of Meek Mill, who already has a baby momma, however, they split up earlier this year.

According to the publication, Meek Mill commented on a social media post about how some men will never change and there’s no point in continuing to try dating them.

Meek Mill jokingly argued against the point made in the post, saying how he already had two baby mommas. The rapper joked in the post that they say “the third baby momma be the one.” The Shade Room re-shared the upload and many commenters have been slamming him ever since.

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The one user who really stood out from the rest though was Simone, who asked if she could be his third baby momma but also his 1st wife. Fans of Simone know she’s sometimes in the headlines for other reasons, including when she said she wasn’t interested in a man who had a 9-5 job.

B. Simone explained that she was only interested in dating a man who was ambitious and hard-working because she needed someone who shared a similar drive. Social media users misinterpreted B. Simone as saying there was something wrong with working a regular job.

However, others claimed she was merely trying to say that she needed a man who was on his hustle just like her, whether it’s a music career, an online business, or some other entrepreneurial endeavor. Even Tory Lanez later commented on it, saying how many 9-5 workers make more money than performing artists.

This was before Tory Lanez was accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion after a house party one night.