Ashanti And Keyshia Cole’s Verzuz Battle Has Been Shut Down

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Ashanti And Keyshia Cole’s Verzuz Battle Has Been Shut Down

This Saturday, the R&B singer, Ashanti, revealed that she had COVID-19 and her Apple Music Verzuz battle with Keyshia Cole was no longer going to go down. Page Six reported that the singer-songwriter took to her IG earlier this weekend to announce the news.

Before she disclosed her COVID-19-positive status, Ashanti and Keyshia Cole were supposed to battle against each other at 5:00 pm Pacific Time this Saturday. The R&B singer said in a post that she “couldn’t believe” it but she had COVID-19 and had to cancel her scheduled appearance on Verzuz.

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The singer went on to say that she wasn’t in “any pain,” and was actually feeling pretty good. According to Ashanti, she is ok with doing Verzuz from the comfort of her own home, but she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Rather than put on the show virtually, the 39-year-old Cole said to the 40-year-old Ashanti that it was ok for her to just skip it for now and worry about her health instead. Page Six says it has been rescheduled for the 9th of January, 2021.

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Ashanti, as many fans know, isn’t the only star who has come down with COVID-19 ever since the pandemic started. In fact, it has been all over the headlines this weekend that Tommy Lister, who passed away this month, had battled COVID-19 approximately four months before he died.

Additionally, some believe he may have contracted it again for the second time and this is what caused his death. Lister’s manager, Cindy Cowan, said earlier this weekend to TMZ that Lister was optimistic and enthusiastic about the future due to the vaccine, for which he wanted to be first in line to receive.

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Perhaps the biggest star who contracted COVID-19, however, is Tom Hanks, the Castaway star, who announced the news back in March of this year alongside his wife, Rita Wilson. Tom and Rita were in the middle of filming a movie down in Australia at the time of their announcement.

Reportedly, Tom was working on a new movie about the life and times of Elvis Presley, who tragically died back in 1977. Stars such as Kevin Hart also came down with it.