Arizona Sunshine Will Be Receiving A New Horde Map for Its Zombie Apocalypse Experience


Arizona Sunshine Will Be Receiving A New Horde Map for Its Zombie Apocalypse Experience

Arizona Sunshine is a zombie survival shooter from Vertigo Games that has just added a brand new update. After building into the original shooter experience, players can now enjoy a brand new horde map as they take on waves of zombies. This new map expands the zombie experience giving fans a new taste of action in a trailer park setting.

The update will be releasing on the Oculus Quest and then later on PCVR and PSVR in 2021. There is tons to play in the meantime as the zombie action never ends. Fight in a unique setting as you take on a never-ending horde of undead destruction.

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The new map is a Trailer Park which will allow up to four players to fight side-by-side in a closed-off arena. Stand in a mash-up of old trailers, players need to hold their ground and stop the impending invasion of undead forces.

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The new trailer shows off an explorable area that is much larger than the original map that released with the game. This title has been out for awhile which gives it a dedicated community and further.

For those who have not seen this title, Arizona Sunshine is a unique zombie experience where players fight against a horde of undead for 3 fellow survivors. It stresses a coop experience, realistic weapons, and real-life movements to navigate each level.

Zombie fans enjoy the unique action found in this adventure as it gives a semi-real experience in zombie fighting. While it is great for action, there is less stress on survival making this a shower rather then a horror experience.

This has not stopped the developers from putting out a full-size campaign that allows players to experience a full narrative in short and sudden sessions. This can truly be an immersive zombie experience met with unbelievable realism in a VR environment.

As a zombie title this game is probably best for advanced players. The horror, gore, and violence alone will make this title not appropriate for younger audiences.

Although this is an older title, the developers continue to revise and bring new action to this title keeping it fresh for its dedicated community.

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