Ariana Grande Reveals She Has A New Album Coming Out This Month

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Ariana Grande Reveals She Has A New Album Coming Out This Month

Page Six reported today that Ariana Grande has a new record coming out very soon, at least according to the singer-songwriter’s recent Twitter post. This Wednesday, Grande, 27, took to her account to say she had a new album on the way.

As it was previously reported earlier this month, Grande took to her account to say she had new mixes in the works while at the same time urging her fan base to vote in the upcoming election this year in which Joe Biden and Donald Trump are facing off against each other.

Fans of Ariana have been thrilled to see that Ariana has continously pumped out consistent content, including her record, Sweetener, back in August 2018, and then again in February 2019, thank u next.

The last time she released a new song was “Rain On Me,” which came as part of Lady Gaga’s record, Chromatica. Lady Gaga’s latest album was dropped in May of this year. Grande has, of course, been in the headlines for her relationships as well.

Grande is currently seeing a new man, Dalton Gomez, and on the 7th of August, 2020, the pop star shared a happy birthday message for her boyfriend. Sources stated earlier this year that Dalton and Grande have been going strong and many are wondering if they’ll get engaged sometime soon.

On her account, Ariana shared a series of videos in which she celebrated her realtor boy-toy. Additionally, Grande posted a mash-up that hinted at what their children might look like, prompting fans to wonder if they were going to tie the knot sometime soon.

Grande received a lot of attention when she and Pete Davidson had a brief relationship that was widely covered in the media. It was shortly after the collapse of her romance with Mac Miller.

Grande and Davidson got engaged shortly after she and Mac Miller split up. However, Mac Miller subsequently passed away following a drug overdose and Pete went on to achieve massive fame on top of his already successful stint on Saturday Night Live.