Apex Legends September Soiree Event Delayed Due To Game-Breaking Bug


Apex Legends September Soiree Event Delayed Due To Game-Breaking Bug

Apex Legends broke the seal on a new event on Tuesday, September 8, but developer Respawn has now paused the festivities due to a nasty bug. The September Soiree will bring a different limited-time mode to Apex each week until October 5, but this week’s event–Dummie’s Big Day–brought a series of server crashes that forced a temporary end to the mode while Respawn works on a fix. The bug appears to be caused by players failing to select a character during the selection process. The following tale of two tweets explains the situation:

Dummie’s Big Day is a recycled limited-time mode that debuted back in January, which shunts all of the game’s usual Legends away in favor of randomized loot items and a random ultimate ability. While it makes for chaotic fun for some, some others in the community have expressed exasperation with the mode and the bug, particularly on Reddit.

Apex Legends recently rolled out Season 6, which added a new defense-oriented legend to the game, Rampart. That update also buffed Bloodhound and Crypto by giving them the ability to use survey beacons to see the next circle location, which was previously the exclusive domain of Pathfinder. Season 6 introduced a revamped armor system, but a subsequent patch rolled back those changes.

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