Apex Legends Season 6 Meta Changes Are Frustrating, Guns Are Easier To Use, TTK Is Decreased, And The Devotion Is Back


Apex Legends Season 6 Meta Changes Are Frustrating, Guns Are Easier To Use, TTK Is Decreased, And The Devotion Is Back

After two days of Apex Legends Season 6, it’s clear the meta has completely changed. Responses to the meta have been varied across the community – some are happy with the changes, and others aren’t so pleased.

The main changes come in the form of the wildly different weapon meta, including buffs to the Triple Take, the Devotion returning to the loot pool, and the powerful Volt replacing the R99 as SMG as the top choice for close-range fights.

In addition to the weapon changes, the Armor meta is also completely different. In general, you are going to have at least 25 less health than normal, although this scales fast. It could 25 less, or 50 less, or even more. You die faster. It’s that simple.

Imagine for a moment a Gibraltar off spawn with a level two shield and a Devotion. A very specific set of events, but enough to tilt even the calmest Apex Legends player.

Combined with the fast fire-rate of the Volt and the new power of the Triple Take, fights can feel very unbalanced. It’s either you’re getting blasted from distance with the TT or getting melted with an energy gun up close.

Rampart’s changes to LMGs and the strength of her Amped Walls are also difficult to adapt to. I think players are still trying to figure out the best way to play her, but when they do, she could become very strong in the meta.

There’s no denying that these changes are linked to Respawn catering to a casual player base. Making guns easier to use and decreasing the TTK is a proven tactic to make worse players feel better at the game, as proven with the disgust at last year’s Battlefield V TTK changes.

It’s a shame that the meta has faced such a drastic change while the map changes are so fantastic. World’s Edge feels much more fluid and balanced. There’s more loot across the map. It plays better.

Even the TTK problem could be resolved if the Devotion was removed from the loot pool. The gun used to be a care package drop but has barely faced a nerf even though it’s back in the common loot pool. This is pretty crazy!

There is going to a long period of adjustment for experienced players of Apex Legends. I’m yet to play Ranked, but I’m guessing the meta is going to be frustrating at higher ranks.