Apex Legends Mobile Pythas Error Control Phase Heist Guide

Pythas Error Control–Apex Legends Mobile‘s latest Phase Heist event–is finally here, and has brought with it a bevy of new cosmetic items for the popular mobile game. These rewards consist almost entirely of Legendary- and Eternal-tier cosmetics, so this event is definitely one worth checking out, even for players who don’t normally buy premium cosmetics.

The Pythas Error Control Phase Heist is a special store event that rewards players with loot and cosmetics when they purchase Draw Tickets. Draw Tickets unlock one random reward per ticket, and though this concept seems simple in theory, there’s a lot more to this event than meets the eye. Keep reading for a closer look at the Pythas Error Control Phase Heist event–including the total cost to obtain all rewards, and a detailed breakdown of the odds that dictate how likely you are to unlock a specific type of cosmetic.

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Getting started

Unlike previous Phase Heist events, there is no splash screen for the Pythas Error Control Phase Heist. To access the event hub, select the “Store” tab on the bottom right side of the main lobby screen. This will take you to a store page with an advertisement for the event, but the ad appears to be broken, as nothing happens when it is selected.

To access the main event hub, select “Emporium” from the vertical list of options on the right side of the screen. This will take you to another page with an advertisement for Pythas Error Control and other store events, except the links on this screen work correctly. Select the Pythas Error Control Phase Heist advertisement banner to finally reach the event hub. To get a look at the event skins, select the small image of Pathfinder and Bloodhound located at the bottom left side of the page.

Coordinate Chips and Draw Tickets

On the main event page, you’ll see a legend (either Pathfinder or Bloodhound) wearing one of the event’s skins. To the right of that legend is a list of six prizes you can obtain by spending Syndicate Gold on a Draw Ticket. Draw Tickets will randomly unlock one of the six rewards. The rewards in the Draw Ticket list are as follows:

    50 Flux60 Flux80 Flux1 Syndicate Pack3 Mission Cards1 Coordinate Chip

Landing on a Coordinate Chip will quickly play a phasing animation, giving you the impression you’ve just traveled through the void and landed on the rewards screen. When you unlock a Coordinate Chip, one of the 12 cosmetic rewards will be randomly selected and unlocked. You are guaranteed to obtain at least one Eternal-tier item by your seventh draw.

Draw Tickets can be purchased one at a time, but remember, there are only 12 rounds available, so it’s best to select the “Draw x6” option if you’re dead set on getting all of the event’s skins, as doing so will guarantee that you unlock a Coordinate Chip (and the other 5 Draw Ticket rewards) every single round.

The Draw Ticket rewards page, Coordinate Chip located in the bottom left cornerThe Draw Ticket rewards page, Coordinate Chip located in the bottom left corner

But there’s a catch: the price of Draw Tickets increases with each round. Below is a list detailing the cost of Draw Tickets for each of the event’s 12 rounds. Prices are listed in Syndicate Gold. 100 Syndicate Gold coins are equivalent to roughly $1 USD.

If buying one Draw Ticket per round:

    Round #1 – 30 SGRound #2 – 45 SGRound #3 – 70 SGRound #4 – 125 SGRound #5 – 180 SGRound #6 – 225 SGRound #7 – 270 SGRound #8 – 360 SGRound #9 – 450 SGRound #10 – 550 SGRound #11 – 650 SGRound #12 – 750 SG

If buying six Draw Tickets per round:

    Round #1 – 180 SGRound #2 – 270 SGRound #3 – 420 SGRound #4 – 750 SGRound #5 – 1,080 SGRound #6 – 1,350 SGRound #7 – 1,620 SGRound #8 – 2,160 SGRound #9 – 2,700 SGRound #10 – 3,300 SGRound #11 – 3,900 SGRound #12 – 4,500 SG

Remember, the only way to guarantee you will unlock a cosmetic is to buy tickets six at a time. Doing so for all 12 rounds will unlock every cosmetic in the collection, and will cost you a grand total of 22,230 SG (roughly $222 USD).

The event's cosmetic reward vault, which can only be accessed via a Coordinate ChipThe event’s cosmetic reward vault, which can only be accessed via a Coordinate ChipOdds

The event’s in-game description refers to it as Golden Geometry, a previous store event that took place in Season 1. It’s possible the odds listed are inaccurate or have changed. Below is a detailed breakdown of the odds of landing on Coordinate Chips and unlocking various cosmetics.

Coordinate Chip odds

The odds of a single Draw Ticket landing on a Coordinate Chip change with each round–another reason it’s wise to purchase Draw Tickets in batches of six if you’ve got your heart set on obtaining a specific cosmetic skin. The odds of landing on a Coordinate Chip each round are as follows:

    Round #1: 20%Round #2: 14.77%Round #3: 9.64%Round #4: 6.25%Round #5: 3.85%Round #6: 2.98%Round #7: 1.96%Round #8: 1.96%Round #9: 1.06%Round #10: 1.06%Round #11: 1.06%Round #12: 1.06%

Cosmetic reward odds

Once you’ve landed on a Coordinate Chip and gained access to the vault, the game will automatically “roll the dice” and unlock one of the event’s 12 cosmetics. But the odds aren’t even here, either–each cosmetic has a different chance of being unlocked. The odds of obtaining each type of cosmetic reward are as follows:

    Rare weapon skin: 18.57%Rare legend skin: 18.57%Epic banner pose: 18.57%Legendary banner frame: 18.52%Legendary emote: 6.17%Legendary finisher: 6.17%Legendary weapon skin: 6.17%Legendary legend skin: 6.17%Eternal weapon skin: 0.46%Eternal legend skin: 0.15%

Pathfinder's Eternal-tier PEC Control cosmetic skinPathfinder’s Eternal-tier PEC Control cosmetic skinCosmetic rewards

The Pythas Error Control Phase Heist event contains 12 exclusive cosmetics, one of which is unlocked each time a player’s Draw Ticket lands on a Coordinate Chip. The event’s reward vault contains the following cosmetic items:


    Systemic Shock Volt SMG weapon skinUndercover Agent Rhapsody character skin


    Sudden Alert Pathfinder banner pose


    Nice Shot Pathfinder banner frameSlip Up Pathfinder emoteSystem Shield Gibraltar character skinIron Haymaker Pathfinder finisherRemote Access 30-30 Repeater weapon skin


    Code Crasher L-STAR weapon skinRapid Defrag R-99 weapon skinPEC Patrol Pathfinder character skinVanguard Security Bloodhound character skin

Additionally, players who purchase enough Draw Tickets to play six rounds (each spin counts as a round–not each ticket) will unlock the Legendary-tier Pythas Error Control avatar frame.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and shell out your precious Syndicate Gold, never fear–the Pythas Error Control Phase Heist will be live until August 23 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET, so players still have plenty of time to save up their in-game currency and decide how much of it to spend on Draw Tickets.

But if the Pythas Error control skins aren’t your style, you may wish to give the Neon Rebellion Arsenal Drop a look instead, but be quick–the event ends on August 8. For more information on Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Distortion, check out our seasonal event overview.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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