Apex Legends Aftermarket Event Patch Goes Live Earlier Than Usual, Here’s Everything You Need To Know


Apex Legends Aftermarket Event Patch Goes Live Earlier Than Usual, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The next event for Apex Legends is finally here. From today, October 6th, the Aftermarket Collection Event, and adjoining limited-time mode (Flashpoint) will run for the next two weeks. There are a bunch of new cosmetics, interesting new leaks found in the code by data-miners, and some changes to gun and legend meta.

Respawn has appeared to launch the patch much earlier than usual and ahead of schedule. Whether it’s an accident or not, the patch is now live on all platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. This update introduces new cosmetics, legend changes, and of course, crossplay.

First up, the new skins and collection event. Although you might not agree on the price of these skins (you’ll easily spend over $100 if you want Caustic’s hammer heirloom), the Aftermarket Event actually has some of the nicest skins so far. Wraith’s Leopard skin looks amazing, and Caustic’s clown-criminal is going to become another one of those iconic Caustic skins.

There are free skins, too. A Legendary Hemlock skin is available if you just want to play the game and earn points. You can also get your hands on exclusive badges and a Rare Bangalore skin.

In addition to the collection event, the Aftermarket patch introduces the crossplay beta to all platforms. At the moment crossplay is auto-enabled while they test out the functionality of it on console and PC. This means ranked games over the next few days are going to merge between Xbox and PlayStation users. Interesting!

The patch also includes a lot of changes to legend and gun meta. As a Wraith main, the changes to her running animation are pretty hard to handle but understandable. Her ninja-run is gone, replaced with a more upright running animation to make her easier to hit while she’s escaping.

Pathfinder, at long last, has received a change to his kit. The grapple cooldown time is based on the length of the grapple. Short grapples will only have a short cooldown, whereas if you launch yourself through the air half-way across King’s Canyon, the cooldown will be longer. Pathfinder mains rejoice – the robot is back!

Lastly, the Triple Take and Devotion have both been nerfed (thank you Respawn) with changes to recoil and fire rate. This should make that huge damage output a little easier to handle and much less frustrating.