Andy Cohen Talks Possibility Of Kris Jenner Joining ‘RHOBH’ After ‘KUWTK’ Ends Next Year!

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Andy Cohen Talks Possibility Of Kris Jenner Joining ‘RHOBH’ After ‘KUWTK’ Ends Next Year!

As you might have heard, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is coming to an end next year after its twentieth season! That being said, it looks like momager Kris Jenner might be moving on to another reality TV show in that not so distant future!

At least she has an open spot but, whether she wants it or not, that remains to be seen!

More precisely, Bravo boss Andy Cohen expressed his opinion that Kris Jenner would be perfect for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Earlier today on his SiriusXM channel show, Radio Andy, Cohen admitted that he’s been getting a lot of messages about Kris joining the show after Kim Kardashian’s announcement that KUWTK is coming to an end soon.

‘I got so many DMs and tweets saying, ‘Kris should join the Housewives. She is good friends with Kyle [Richards]. This should happen. Make it happen!’ And then I tweeted that I would be talking about it on the radio today, and I got a whole bunch of tweets saying, ‘Don’t do it.’ It’s so interesting to me. I think it’d be a huge get too, and by the way, she is already connected with the cast,’ Andy Cohen told his audience.

He went on to explain that ‘She’s good buddies with Kyle. No joke, she knows everyone on the show. She is buddies with [Lisa] Rinna, I think.’

Unfortunately, Andy thinks Kris would not want the spot on RHOBH since she would not have total control over it like she’s had for so many years on KUWTK.

‘She wouldn’t be an executive producer of the show, she wouldn’t have control over the edits, so I think for someone who is used to having so much power over a show, I can’t see her surrendering that power,’ Andy argued, adding that Kris would, indeed, be a ‘huge get’ if she somehow did agree to it. What do you think?