Analogue Pocket Update Includes Save States And New Developer Program

Analogue Pocket is getting an OS v1.1 beta update on July 29. The new OS features a new game detail screen in the library, 128 memory slots for specific game cartridge types, new dock support, and a new developer program called openFPGA.

OpenFPGA is meant to let third-party developers preserve video games. Analogue Pocket has always run on FPGAs, short for Field Programmable Gate Arrays. At a hardware level, FPGAs can copy other chips like SNES or Nintendo 64 chips. It’s something other dedicated retro gaming devices like MiSTer FPGA use as well. FPGAs are different from software emulation, the common way most people choose to get retro games playing on their PC or phone. YouTuber Mr. Sujano has a very good video explaining the difference between FPGAs and software emulation at a broad picture level.

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Several third-party developers already had early-access to openFPGA, so there will be openFPGA cores released in the coming weeks. The new openPFGA program kicks off with a PDP-1 core, which makes available what is arguably the first-ever video game, Spacewar. To try it out, enter openFPGA in the home screen and select PDP-1: Spacewar to run.

Memories in the OS v1.1 beta are basically save states. There are 128 such slots for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Game Gear. In coming updates, each save state will display a screenshot of where you are in the game, making it easier to differentiate between separate saves.

Docks will also support 2p and 4p, as well as many new Bluetooth and 2.4g controllers. Bluetooth controllers include 8BitDo Arcade Stick, 8BitDo Lite, 8BitDo M30,8BitDo N30, 8BitDo N30 Pro, 8BitDo Pro 2,8BitDo Pro+, 8BitDo SN30, 8BitDo SN30 Pro,8BitDo Zero 2. 2.4g controllers include 8BitDo M30, 8BitDo M30 mini, 8BitDo N30, 8BitDoPCE, 8BitDo SN30, 8BitDo SN30 Classic.

Analogue Pocket is a portable handheld system that can play games from various retro platforms. It’s sold out right now, but restocks occur periodically. You can also check out our Analogue Pocket review to get a sense of how the handheld functions.