Amplitude Studios Announces New Roguelite Game Endless Dungeon


Amplitude Studios Announces New Roguelite Game Endless Dungeon

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Amplitude Studios Announces New Roguelite Game Endless DungeonRevealed at The Game Awards, Endless Dungeon is another title set in Amplitude Studios’ Endless universe.

Amplitude Studios is back again with a fourth roguelite game set in the Endless universe. Titled Endless Dungeon, the game takes place on a shipwrecked space station. In order to figure out the location’s mysteries, players need to assemble a team of heroes to protect a crystal and fight against waves of monsters. Repeat ad infinitum until all hordes are defeated and the end of the storyline is reached.

Your team will be assembled from a cast of characters you’ll find at the space station, some of whom have been stranded for decades. From the trailer, it looks like certain heroes possess shielding, healing, and turret-placing abilities. Others have variations of big guns. You can play alone with a team assembled from these characters or with friends in a multiplayer mode.

Players may wonder if Endless Dungeon is a direct sequel to Dungeon of the Endless, since both are set in shipwrecked locations. Amplitude Studios gave an inexact answer and stated in a press release, “The answer is both yes and no. You’ll just have to wait to get your hands on it to find out.”

A free skin will be given to those who sign up for Endless Dungeon’s mailing list. The offer is limited to PC players currently, but the game itself will be available on both PC and consoles. The release date hasn’t been revealed.

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