Amazon Warns That PS5 Preorders Might Miss Launch Day


Amazon Warns That PS5 Preorders Might Miss Launch Day

It’s no secret that securing a preorder for the PlayStation 5 has been tough, especially after retailers began offering them right after Sony’s showcase earlier this week. But it seems even if you have managed to lock down an order, you might not get a console on release day.

That’s the case over at Amazon, which has begun emailing customers about potential delays for PS5 orders that might result in shipping after the November 12 launch. The email cites the incredible demand for the console as the reason for delays and says that updates will be communicated to affected customers.

“We’re contacting you about your order of PlayStation 5 Console to let you know in advance that you may not receive this item on the day it is released due to high demand. We’ll make every effort to get the item to you as soon as possible once released.”

Numerous GameSpot staff members have received this mail already, so it could be a case of Amazon warning all customers ahead of potential delays. Target has also adjusted its shipment window for PS5 order, ranging from November 13-18. The entire situation around PS5 preorders has been a bit of a mess, so Amazon is likely not going to be the only retailer faced with these issues.

Preorders for the PlayStation 5 are still appearing here and there, so be sure to check out our preorder guide for alerts on where you can find stock. Microsoft will open preorders for its Xbox Series X and Series S on September 22.

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