ALT 254 Is Headed To Steam This September Bringing A Strange Minimalistic Adventure To PC Audiences


ALT 254 Is Headed To Steam This September Bringing A Strange Minimalistic Adventure To PC Audiences

Enter a unique open-world adventure as you travel the land as a strange pixel. ALT 254 is debuting onto Steam this September where it will be sold for $9.99 to fans. This is a never-before-seen action-adventure game. Enter a journey of self-discovery in a world that you have yet to understand.

This world is filled with dangers, enemies, and hazards all hoping to stop you and your pixel quest. Overcome all adversity and find the meaning behind your minute existence. This game is a full-fledged open-world adventure that will challenge players to explore much more than just the map.

Become a pixel as you enter a unique minimalistic open-world adventure. Try and understand yourself and the world around you as you travel through a dangerous adventure. Overcome danger and find the meaning to all of this on an epic one-of-a-kind journey.

The world is filled with surprises and enigmas as you enter a world full of challenges and adventure. The first challenge is simply understanding everything around you and trying to learn the rules of this adventure.

Scattered across the land are broken pieces of your memories. A look into a lost past that only a pixel could understand. Its shattered across the land like a mirror reflecting the inner personal dialogue of this small square. Finding all the pieces might be the key to understanding this land.

This game, even in its simplistic form, is a full action-adventure. It is designed to deconstruct key genre pieces and instead introduce gamers to the true core of the experience. All of the lush landscapes, major worlds, powerful combats are reduced down to the smallest resolution possible without losing the value in each feature.

Terrifying monsters are expressing with single pixels, and entire forests are simply blocks waiting to be explored. Defend yourself with precision, speed, and wits as weapons and skills are reduced to a barebones state that will test a player’s dedication to this experience.

Enjoy a minimalistic experience that will bring players back to the basics in video game entertainment. The abstract representation opens the door for player imagination to fill in the blanks. Explore a deep narrative and find yourself lost in this ocean of pixel-based understanding.

The pixel world is filled with secrets. There are cryptic messages hidden under complex graphics designed as simple pixels in this unique universe. The simple but efficient combat system will allow players to enjoy a thrilling yet minimalistic battling scenario.

Alt 254 will be available on Steam this September. The game comes from Rename Studio and already have a live Steam page full of interesting screenshots and information.