All New Halloween Costume Items In Animal Crossing: New Horizons


All New Halloween Costume Items In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ long-awaited Halloween update has finally arrived, and with it comes a number of new Halloween costume items so you can get in the spooky spirit. These include clothing, shoes, headwear, socks, and an accessory, all of which are sold at the Able Sisters shop, plus a backpack item exclusive to the traveling salesman Kicks and a special outfit only available on Halloween night. You’ll also be able to purchase new Halloween skin and eye colors with Nook Miles at Resident Services.

Here are all the Halloween costume items included in the new update and how to get them.

A list of all the A list of all the “mage” items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, showing the white mage’s dress. The mage’s boots, mage’s dress, and mage’s striped hat are new.New Halloween Costumes and Items

Below are all the Halloween dress-up items, headwear, shoes, socks, and more you can buy at the Able Sisters tailor shop. Each one comes in six color varieties–white, black, red, orange, green, and purple–except for the animal nose accessory, which comes only in black. The impish wings, a backpack item, are only sold by Kicks when he comes to visit your island, so you may need to trade with friends to get every color.

    animal noseflashy animal costumeflashy animal bootsflashy pointy-ear animal hatflashy round-ear animal hathorizontal-striped tightsimpish hornsimpish wings (Kicks only)mage’s bootsmage’s dressmage’s striped hatmagic-academy hoodmagic-academy roberaggedy outfit

Note that there are existing clothing items that might be confused with these new costumes. The mage’s boots are different than the Kicks item mage’s booties, for instance; likewise, mage’s striped hat is different than the mage’s hat item that was already in the game. If you’re trading with others for items, be sure to look carefully at the names!

Halloween Day Exclusive Costume Items

On Halloween night, you’ll be able to get a special costume from none other than Jack himself. To get them, you’ll have to give Jack candy or a lollipop in exchange. They are:

    Jack’s faceJack’s robe

How To Get the New Skin and Eye Colors

In addition to costume items, you can also get new skin and eye color options for when you change your appearance in a mirror. These include zombie- and ghost-like colors as well as some more fanciful ones, like pink and purple.

To get them, go into Resident Services and use the terminal on the right. Select “Redeem Nook Miles”; the new skin and eye color packages will be near the top of the list. They are:

    Body-Paint Costume Tips (2,400 Nook Miles)Exploring New Eye Colors (2,400 Nook Miles)

To change your skin or eye color, select any mirror and start the appearance-changing process.