9th Dawn III Is Planning To Release On Google Play


9th Dawn III Is Planning To Release On Google Play

The third chapter in the 9th Dawn series is looking to bring its hardcore RPG experience to mobile fans. This title is a charming open-world RPG set in a pixel-based graphical land. Enjoy real-time combat with lots of quests, loot, and pets. This title is probably one of the best in the series, or at least that is what fans are saying.

The game tasks you with some intro quests before setting you free on the world. Explore the land of Celdatia as you encounter epic scale battle with denizens of Lorwyck castle. You are the chosen one in this unique land of sword, magic, and shields.

Enter into a unique open-world RPG dungeon crawling experience that is full of content. 9th Dawn III is packed with over 270 different monsters, a mini-game, 180 cards, and over 1,400 items to loot and discover.

Enter into the heart of a prophecy long set. As you equip the best of your gear you will face enemies of all sizes across the fields of Ashwick and the forest of Vlak. This is a massive world that will take you on an epic quest to save all of the lands.

Enter into a large seamless world filled with villages, crypts, and dungeons. This is a land of exploration so players will be spending a good portion of their time just enjoying the map and its varying components.

Become the ultimate warrior as you unlock spells, tune your abilities, and craft new gear. Fight over 270 different monsters as you acquire unique loot and materials from each one. This massive world will constantly provide new combat challenges allowing players to adapt as needed to every fight.

Recruit monsters to your cause as you train them into powerful allies. Bring them on your journey and watch as they defeat the foes and make you proud.

Everything in this title is hand-drawn. There are tons of items to discover including 300 weapons and over 550 pieces of armor and accessories. Equip only the best and become a champion of loot and legends.

Mix in a unique card game and an original soundtrack and you can clearly see why this is a classic and fulfilling title. Enter into a unique world and complete side quests that will bring fear to your heart or make you laugh depending on the situation.

9th Dawn III is available on Steam right now. The game is planning a release onto Android systems sometime this month allowing for fans to take advantage of a brand new adventure in fantasy lands.