50 Cent Trolls Rappers Jay-Z and Diddy – ‘Rappers Can’t Swim’

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50 Cent Trolls Rappers Jay-Z and Diddy – ‘Rappers Can’t Swim’

Approximately seven years ago, Hot New Hip Hop reported today, a vacation photograph of Jay-Z and Beyoncé went viral on social media, subsequently becoming a meme. The photo featured the power couple enjoying a vacation together.

The outlet says someone snapped a photo of Jay-Z and Beyonce as they were jumping into the water. The image featured both of them jumping with joy, but it was the way Jay-Z lept into the water that caught everyone’s attention.

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On the 13th of November, Friday, another clip went viral except this time it was of P. Diddy, who also goes by the name, Sean Combs. The picture featured the legendary hip-hop mogul adjusting his goggles before jumping into a pool.

Apparently, P. Diddy’s form wasn’t indicative of the training routine of a professional athlete, and 50 Cent took notice of that. As fans already know, Curtis Jackson, aka, 50 Cent, loves to poke fun at other stars and make social commentary on the biggest controversies of the day.

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Rather than let it slide, 50 Cent posted the photo of Jay-Z and Sean Combs, clearly showing that Curtis never forgot about the photo of Jay-Z and his wife. The rapper wrote in the comment section, “Rappers can’t dive or swim,” before going on to say that he just hasn’t been “caught yet.”

Snoop Dogg saw the post because he left three crying laughing emojis in the comment section. This marks a positive development in an otherwise controversial time for 50 Cent. As most know, the star was in the headlines earlier this year just ahead of the 2020 election.

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50 Cent took to his social media to say he wasn’t happy with the proposed tax hike if Kamala Harris and Joe Biden won the presidency this year. The rapper found himself being criticized by many on social media, and even Chelsea Handler said she had to “remind” 50 Cent that “he was black.”

This comment caused a lot of problems for Chelsea as well, in fact, she later came out to apologize while also saying that the rapper had changed his mind and was endorsing Biden.